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  • The income and funds of the party will be solely utilized towards the objects of the party and no portion of it will be utilized for payment to the members
  • The surviving or continuing board members may act notwithstanding any vacancy in the office or any of the board members, provided that if the number shall fall below the quorum, the minimum fixed by the instruments of the party, the surviving of remaining members shall not act except for the purpose of filling the vacancy so long as the number is below the said minimum
  • Activities of the party will be carried out all over India.
  • All incomes arising from the promotions, distributions, consultancies, education and training programs, seminars and workshops etc, shall be utilized for the advancement of the aims and objectives of the party.
  • The party will not carry on any activities with the intention of earning profit.
  • The party hereby declared and consisted shall be an irrevocable.
  • The board members shall be kept fully indemnified and harmless by the party against any loss or liability arising against them for anything done by them in good faith pursuance to the power and authority conferred on them by these presents.