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Objects of the party

  • Independance day of various Countries.
    • Japan               - 07.05.1947
    • Germany         - 23.05.1949
    • China              - 01.10.1949
    • Israel               - 15.04.1948
    • North Korea    - 15.08.1945
    • South Korea    - 15.08.1945
    • Malaysia          - 31.08.1959
    • Singapore        - 09.08.1965
  • All the above countries are developed but our county is still developing. To make our country a developed nation Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam gave lot of ideas in his book INDIA 2020. IDEA Party has been Created To implement his Ideas. So Support Us.
  • To create, encourage and make aware of the social issues, basic needs and values of life and standard of living through self dependence.
  • To hold and promote scientific education.
  • To provide monetary assistance, creating of facilities for the poor, the needy, the destitute, the youth and in general all sections of population in India irrespective of their Sex, Caste, Colour and Creed etc.
  • To formulate innovative and contemporary methodology for professional developments and make research work and activities for their better standards.