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Management of the party

  • Management of the party shall be vested in the board consisting of not less than 2 members and not more than 7 members.
  • As the first Declarant shall remain as the permanent members of the board of the party and shall be the President and shall be entitled to convene all meetings of the party and do such other activity as required under the statutory obligation of the party
  • The second Declarant shall be the General Secretary and have the power to preside in the absence of the president in all meetings of the party who is also empowered to carry on the day to day administrative activities of the party.
  • In the absence of the General Secretary the Treasurer shall exercise such powers as the General Secretary delegate him/her.
  • The President/General Secretary shall represent the party in all proceedings before the court, tribunal and other authorities and shall convene and preside over the party meeting. Also he may delegate his authority to any other board member for the purpose herein mentioned in this clause
  • If any vacancy arises in the board of the party on account of death, incapacity, resignation or removal the remaining board members may appoint additional members with the consent of the President/General Secretary.
  • Except the Founder, other board members shall hold office for a period of 5 years subject to re-appointment by 2/3rd majority of the remaining board members.
  • Any question arising in the administration of the party shall be decided by the majority of the board acting for the time being, provided that when the question relates to removal of a member, the decision shall be taken by the 2/3 rd of the remaining board members subject to the final approval of the President/General Secretary

The first board members of the party shall consist of the following persons

1. Mr.K.Sundararajan - President
2. Mrs.S.Vimaladevi - General Secretary
3. Selvi.S.Malavika - Treasurer