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Bank Account and Auditing of Books

  • The party may from time to time open and maintain in the name of the party a Bank Account or Bank Accounts at such bank/s as shall from time to time be decided by the party and the said account or accounts shall be operated by the President or General Secretary and Treasurer.
  • All monies received for the benefit of the party including the initial corpus referred to earlier shall be credited to the bank account of the party and all payments shall be made by cheques drawn on the bank account or by cash where the circumstances make it necessary but receipts must be obtained for all cash payments at the time of making such payments.
  • The party shall provide and maintain or cause to be maintained proper books of accounts every year showing the Party’s property and the party’s Income and Expenditure and all assets and liabilities and there shall be entered all transactions relating to the party in respect of its finances and entries shall be made of all monies received or paid out by or on behalf of the party.
  • The party shall appoint auditors to examine and audit at least once a year.
Account Number : 11221527274
Bank Name : State Bank of India
Branch Name : Pondicherry
IFSC Code : SBIN0000900